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Since February 2015
Founders Brian and Claudia Pawl created this dance Organization / Dance Company / Community with a goal of bringing people together through dance. Mezcla reflects how a dance community’s resilience can break down even the most challenging access barriers. After losing the only venue offering Salsa social dancing in the beautiful Aspen Valley, these visionaries decided it was time to act and create something new for the community to keep the dance spark alive. The driving force is love for dancing!

Mezcla Socials Dance became the hub for weekly practices and weekend Socials. All bodies are welcomed here; to learn, enjoy and dance together! When we dance we eliminate invisible barriers such as language differences, affordability, and dance experience level.

This organization offers a safe and fun environment for dancers and has become a launching pad for aspiring dance instructors and performers. Over the years Mezcla hosted many volunteer Instructors who supported this vision in both a professional and amateur level. Classes and workshops were offered for salsa, bachata, west coast swing, two step, merengue, Cumbia, and other genres.

The Mezcla family will always be grateful to those who volunteered and showed their support. Rhett Cardenas, Oscar Sepulveda, Diego Gonzalez, Kira Withrow, Ashley Hall, Flor Paz, Jesus Esquivel, Aurita Maldonado aka “Hurricane Rita”, Hector Arias, Antonio Arias, Alejandra Muñoz, Jesus Muñoz, Erik and Claudia Peña.

Mezcla’s current vision is to continue providing the space and opportunities for the community to come together through dance.

MSD will continue to support local Artists in their journey to professional goals while simultaneously bringing Artists from all over the nation to consistently offer variety in dance styles, levels, and experiences. These classes, trainings and Socials have created a supportive cycle leading to successful opportunities for dancers to acquire new skills, practice them, and apply them on the dance floor. Join the Mezcla movement and fall in love with this dynamic, versatile, and energetic community.

See you on the dance floor!


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